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Plant Essential Oil Extraction and Concentration Equipment. (Alcohol& Ethanol)
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Kinggreen Plant Ethanol Cold Extraction System
(Large set, with solvent recovery).
KINGGREEN: Technical indicators of plant ethanol extraction system:                               
Equipment material: SUS304 / All; Motor stirring rate: 30r / min; vacuum processing: yes;
Refrigeration temperature: Model-A: 20 ~ -20 ° C (68 ~ -4 ° F);
                                                         Model-B: 20 ~ -50 ℃ (68 ~ -58 ℉); 
                                                         Model-C: 20~ -80 ℃ (68~ -112 ).
Heating temperature: 0-100 ° C
Heating area: 3-5㎡ / cooling area: 6-12㎡ / cooling flow: 3-10t / h
Electrical / Temperature Control: AUTO; Explosion-proof motor: Yes;
Extraction tank discharge door: Pneumatic;
Equipment power: 20/40 / 60 /90kw; Power supply: 3ph-60Hz * 220v / 380vz;
Use medium: Alcohols (recommended ethanol)
KINGGREEN unit features:
* Made of sanitary / medical grade 304 stainless steel, equipped with ultra-low temperature refrigeration unit, heating system.
  Multifunctional integrated design.
* Energy-saving process, large output and high efficiency; low temperature treatment, high material conversion rate;
   full spectrum plant extraction rate (based on materials) is 3-10%.
* Solvent can be recycled: The unit has a container recovery system that can reach more than 90%.
   Environmental protection and energy saving.
* Achieve full airtightness, no volatilization and loss during operation, and improved production safety.
* Made in accordance with ISO 9001, manufactured by ASME certified factories. All parts in contact with the system are polished
   and ground in accordance with sanitary high cleanliness. Key accessories are FDA-certified and meet GMP requirements.
   All pipelines use ISO industry standard interfaces.

KINGGREEN unit composition: large set with solvent recovery.
The KG unit system consists of system units such as extraction tank, liquid storage tank,
alcohol settling tank, concentrator, condenser, alcohol separator, material pump, vacuum pump, process piping system and electrical cabinet. The stainless steel bracket is assembled as a whole. Reasonable layout, easy operation and easy cleaning; can be designed as semi-automatic or manual operation according to customer requirements.
KINGGREEN reserves the right to change specifications and prices at any time.
 2019Copyright©Kinggreen all rights reserved
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