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Innovative thinking makes the potential of packaging machinery better
12, 31, 2019
At present, China is the largest exporter and producer of commodities, as well as a packaging market with a wide range of potentials and the most potential. With the prosperity of the commodity economy and the improvement of people's taste, packaging is the last link in the industrial value chain. More and more manufacturers attach importance to it, and the market environment is active. Supervision mechanism and automation technology have become the fulcrum of enterprises to improve their competitiveness.
The development of the packaging industry has driven the development of related packaging machinery and equipment. It also requires that packaging machinery and equipment be highly innovative to adapt to its development. Therefore, flexible production as an embodiment of automation technology has become the main subject of changing the efficiency of packaging machinery production and becoming intelligent.
Throughout China's packaging market, the packaging machinery industry has maintained a lot of room for development. Companies continue to look for gaps, learn new technologies, and update technologies to integrate them into traditional machinery manufacturing technologies, so that soft power and hard power are deeply integrated. Guarantee the development of supporting socialization. The concept of flexible production reflects the requirements of development.
From the perspective of a single machine, the production rate of each machine is indeed increasing, but once there are multiple changes in the packaging method, the machine is lagging. It cannot achieve the instantaneous and array-type debugging specifications and production schedule. When changing the order, it is necessary to change the template once, which not only consumes time and increases wear, but also increases manufacturing costs, and cannot achieve personalized quality requirements.
From the market competition of various enterprises, the cycle of product replacement is getting shorter and shorter, which puts very high requirements on the flexibility and flexibility of packaging machinery, that is, the life of packaging machinery is far greater than the life cycle of products. . Because only in this way can we meet the requirements of product production economy. This led us to consider the connotation of the concept of flexibility as a whole, namely, the flexibility of quantity, the flexibility of construction, and the flexibility of supply. The flexibility of supply also involves the motion control system of the packaging machine.
Specifically, in order to make the packaging machinery have good flexibility and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation, it is necessary to use microcomputer technology, functional module technology, and monitor the work of multiple robots at the same time, so that the requirements for product changes need only be transferred to the program .
Experts said that flexible production not only changed our production mode, made product packaging more flexible, but also opened up our development ideas, brought about multiple rounds of change in the packaging machinery market, accelerated innovation thinking and better entered commercialization, making packaging The potential of machinery is better realized.
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